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Breastfeeding lactation support

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The perfect gift for a mum struggling with milk supply. With delicious lactation treats and reusable nursing pads. 


1x 300gm Made to milk drink (please select flavour from drop down menu)

1x Made to milk lactation chocolate cookie

1x Miss Mae reusable nursing pads

Item description:

Made to milk drinks. A range of delicious flavours to choose from each including a tested powerhouse galactagogue, and brewer’s yeast, designed to nourish the breastfeeding mum.

Lactation cookie  A jumbo vanilla flavoured cookie loaded with delicious chunky milk chocolate chips. The perfect treat for milking mummas!

Miss mae studio reusable breast pads are super soft, breathable and get softer with each wash! Made with a combination of bamboo, waterproof material and cotton. 100% eco friendly. (Pattern is randomly selected) 

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