About Us



Welcome to Unboxed Co. My name is Gemma, I'm a loving wife and doting mother to my two beautiful boys. Becoming a mother was a very overwhelming experience for me, and I know it can be for many other mothers too. The adjustment can be hard to navigate BUT it is the most incredible journey I could have ever wished for.

I created Unboxed Co to celebrate all women, because each and every one of us are amazing. We believe in the beauty of gift giving and wanted to create a service where we take out the stress and worry of buying and sending gifts to our loved ones. It's beautiful to celebrate all different stages of mum life from pregnancy, to breastfeeding, postpartum and most importantly, self care. That's why we have tailored something to suit any stage of this amazing journey.

We've sourced the very best products and make each and every box from our home studio on the beautiful Gold Coast.

Every box is stylish and simple. We only choose products we know and love. Things that taste, feel, smell and look good. 

We believe the best type of gift is a surprise gift. There is no better feeling than receiving an unexpected present!

I look forward to creating your next giftbox and those special unboxing memories for your loved ones.

Gemma xx